Drawn That Way

A Dozen (or So) Lady Eyes from the Comics Sally the Sleuth The grandma of them all, Sally may have had been portrayed as almost constant rape bait in her early appearances, but she was nobody's bimbo. She appeared in countless comic adventures, originally in the pages of Spicy Detective. Betty Blake Sally's big sister. … Continue reading Drawn That Way

When You’re Quoted, You’ll Take It and Like It!

Private Dicks Say the Darnedest Things... "We work in the dark, We do what we can, We give what we have, Our doubt is our passion, And our passion is our task" -- Henry James, "The Middle Years" (1893) "Let me explain something to you, Walsh. This business requires a certain amount of finesse. " … Continue reading When You’re Quoted, You’ll Take It and Like It!

The Gospel According to Brother Ray

No serious attempt to unravel the private eye can ignore Raymond Chandler's essay "The Simple Art of Murder" which originally appeared in the December 1944 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, reprinted in the April 15, 1950 issue Saturday Review of Literature,  and subsequently served as the non-fiction centrepiece (and title) of a 1950 collection of stories … Continue reading The Gospel According to Brother Ray

What the hell is a private eye, anyway?

In a Nutshell... This site is, officially, for "private eyes, and other tough guys and gals who make trouble their business -- not their hobby."   It's not about cops, amateur sleuths, spies, plucky librarians, nosey old spinsters, pastry chefs or talking cats... Sorry. Charlie Chan is NOT a private eye. Jessica Fletcher isn't. James Bond … Continue reading What the hell is a private eye, anyway?

Rafferty’s Rules

Sometimes it seemed Australian writer W. Glenn Duncan's Texas P.I. Rafferty had a rule for everything, but the fact remains that most of those rules were surprisingly elastic. Mind you, "Rafferty's Rules" is an Australian football term for "no rules at all." So, without any further adieu, here are Rafferty's Rules, as compiled from the … Continue reading Rafferty’s Rules