The NBC Mystery Movie

Television Anthology Series (1971-77, NBC) The NBC Mystery Movie was a "wheel show", airing several programs within the same period throughout the season. In its first season, 1971–72, it featured McCloud, McMillan & Wife and, most famously, Columbo, by far its more successful of the series, although each of the initial three lasted the entire run. After that … Continue reading The NBC Mystery Movie

The ABC Mystery Movie

Television Anthology Series (1989-90, ABC) The ABC Mystery Movie (aka "The ABC Monday Mystery Movie") was a short-lived attempt to revive the mystery wheel format pioneered by NBC from 1971-77 on The NBC  Mystery Movie. It even revived the show's most successful series, Columbo, with Peter Falk returning in the title role. They also added two … Continue reading The ABC Mystery Movie

The NBC Friday Night Mystery

Television Anthology Series (1993-95, NBC) In the fall of 1993, NBC made a valiant attempt to revive the mystery wheel format it had first introduced way back in 1971 with The NBC Mystery Movie, which had given the world such memorable series as McMillan and Wife, Banacek, and Columbo, among others. But this version was much … Continue reading The NBC Friday Night Mystery

Harry Tenafly (Tenafly)

Created by Richard Levinson & William Link HARRY TENAFLY (James McEachin) was what most television private eye definitely weren't: a happily married, middle-class family man, with absolutely no interest in violence, beautiful women or baffling crimes. Uncool? Harry even lived in the suburbs! Unfortunately for Harry, trouble couldn't stay away from him, despite his best … Continue reading Harry Tenafly (Tenafly)

Frank and Steve Faraday (Faraday and Co.)

Created by Ken Pettus After spending twenty-eight years in a Caribbean jail for a crime he didn't commit (the murder of his partner), allegedly hard-boiled FRANK FARADAY (played by the movies' likable 40's song-and-dance man Dan Dailey) busts out and heads back home to Los Angeles... to a family he doesn't know anymore, on the short-lived series, … Continue reading Frank and Steve Faraday (Faraday and Co.)