Beverly Laborde &  Adam Dutton

Created by B.V. Lawson This oddball team-up squeak onto this site just under the wire--neither BEVERLY LABORDE or ADAM DUTTON is a private eye. In fact, Dutton's a friggin' police officer! In Vermont! But with sexy scamster Laborde helping him with some off-the-books investigations, that's close enough to rock'n'roll for me. And boy, does the sad sack … Continue reading Beverly Laborde &  Adam Dutton

Peter Boone

Created by William Jaspersohn (1947--) Ex-Red Sox pitcher, avid fly fisherman and widower, PETER BOONE is a private eye who works the back roads and small villages of his home state of Vermont. When his wife was killed in a convenience store robbery and the case bungled by the cops, Boone quit baseball and brought … Continue reading Peter Boone