John Steel

Created by ??     Initially, JOHN STEEL was a "Special Agent" working for British Intelligence during World War II. Prior to the war, he'd been a sergeant in the London Police, but when duty called, he did not hesitate. He tried to enlist in 1939, only to be denied. That didn't stop him, though--he promptly … Continue reading John Steel

Matt Mercer

Created by Day Keene Pseudonym of Gunnar Hjerstedt Other pseudonyms include Lewis Dixon, William Richards, Daniel White, John Corbett & Donald King (1904-1969) "Matt Mercer had come back from the South Pacific, leaving his arm behind on some Jap-infested island until, six-thousand miles away from that hell-hole, he found that the Little Yellow sons had returned--to claim … Continue reading Matt Mercer

Major Martin Myers

Created by Bevis Winter Pseudonyms include Al Bocca, Peter Cagney, Sammy Coburn, Bennet Hill & Gordon Shayne; and the house pseudonym Hyman Zore (1918-1985) In a small town in England, ex-Corporal Philip Denton, just back from World War II, discovers the body of his wife in the basement of their farmhouse, and is promptly arrested by … Continue reading Major Martin Myers

Johnny Hawke (Johnny One-Eye)

Created by David Stuart Davies (1946--) The war evidently didn't belong just to Foyle... When he made his debut in "One for the Monet," a 2000 short story, World War II had just broken out, and action-craving young copper JOHNNY HAWKE quits the London police department to enlist in the British Army, intending to give his … Continue reading Johnny Hawke (Johnny One-Eye)

Sam Sumida/Jimmy Park (Woman With a Blue Pencil)

Created by Gordon McAlpine Pseudonyms include Owen Fitzstephen Your first instinct might be to run when you hear the high-minded praise for this “brilliantly structured labyrinth of a novel—postmodernist in its experimental bravado,” as Joyce Carol Oates calls it. But relax.  In Woman With a Blue Pencil (2015), Gordon McAlpine doesn’t just write just for the … Continue reading Sam Sumida/Jimmy Park (Woman With a Blue Pencil)

Tom Hickey

Created by Ken Kuhlken It's 1943 in San Diego, and the world is at war. An invasion of Nazis headquartered in Mexico is whispered about. A private eye in civilian life, 37-year old TOM HICKEY is doing his bit for the war effort by serving as an MP on border duty. An idealist, Tom has … Continue reading Tom Hickey