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Our re-purposed cover this go-round comes from the Spring 1947 issue of Detective Book Magazine

It was painted by Norman Saunders, one of the most successful pulp artists of the century. And BOY! Could he do women–tough, classy and dressed to kill. In fact, I’m slowly starting to transfer a few mini-bios of some of the great pulp and paperback cover artists, so if you’re interested, head on over to Dare to Judge This Book. But like I said, I’ve only just begun.

And how are you doing?

We’re keeping busy. We’ve finally reclaimed our thrillingdetective.com domain, and are happily chugging along the WordPress Highway. We’ve even added a new feature, The Dick of the Day, to honour the occasion.

It’s no big whoops–I simply spotlight a private eye from the site every morning (well), posting the link for those of you who follow me on on Twitter (or you can just bookmark the page).

Also, and this is great news, one of the great friends of this site, Rick Helms has just won a Shamus for Best Paperback P.I. Novel for his book, Brittle Karma, featuring private eye Eamon Gold. You can check out all the winner and finalists right here. Congrats to all!

If you’ve ever darkened our cyber doorstep before you already know the drill, and know what to expect.

If you’re a virgin to this site, welcome, and please allow us to introduce ourselves:

“If trouble is your business, murder is your meat or gumshoes are your glory, you picked a good time to drop in. This site is now twenty-two years old, which means it can now drink legally in every state of the union. Please browse responsibly.”

Me? Well, I’ve been working on The Big Move quite a bit lately–what else can I do? Right now, there’s no real rhyme or reason as to what gets moved here, and when — it’s all pretty much impulse and stream-of-consciousness, as I try to figure it all out. But don’t panic–we’ll get there. Likewise, don’t get your panties all twisted about us losing anything. We’re going to save it all. We’re simply tweaking and simplifying and updating it, moving things from one site to another. Yes, it’s taking a while, but it’s also sorta fun, as entries that haven’t been touched for years suddenly get tasered back to life, and decades-old typos and run-on sentences get slapped into submission (replaced, of course, by brand new typos and new run-on sentences).


In a better world, COVID would be a thing of the past. Vaccines are here, they’re readily available and free, and there’s really no intelligent excuse not to get you and your family protected. You wanna show your love for that sack of orange shit president we had for four years, by all means, don’t get vaccinated. Over 90% of all new cases are among the unvaccinated, but go ahead. Make your stand–preferably in a state far from me. Missouri, maybe, or Florida? Lots of “patriots” there…

But even if you think it’s your right and your duty as a “real” American to die if you wish, please think kindly upon those who are still out there on the frontlines: cops, doctors, nurses (like my daughter), social workers, delivery people, clerks, pizza guys, EMTs, first responders and the like. They’re putting their lives on the line for you and me. They were the real heroes in all of this–not some pathetic, lying scumbag of an egomaniac who hid in the White House and lot 600,000 people die.

And for gawd’s sake, call your kids or your Mom. Call someone, tell them you love them.

Kevin Burton Smith

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