Kip Yardley

Created by Don Yarber

A former California Highway patrolman turned Los Angeles private investigator, KIP YARDLEY has appearred in a string of “clean” novels, all self-published by Don Yarber.

The first, Bodies and Beaches (2011), introduced Kip, a regular chip off the old P.I. block, a combination of Mike Hammer, Shell Scott and — wait for it — Travis McGee. The second, Corpses and Canyons (2008), finds Kip in Arizona, snooping into the murder of a highway construction worker, while Death and Deep Waters (2011) sees the old-fashioned dick back on his home turf in the City of Angels, working for an aging film actress anxious to track down the fate of her husband, a WWII figher pilot shot down over the South Pacific.


Since retiring in 1998, the author has published several books, and founded Airplane Books, a publishing company dedicated to helping people write and publish their books “without the filthy profanity so common in many of today’s books. I believe that there is an audience out there who will purchase ‘clean’ books, regardless of the opinion of some authors who claim that the market for ‘clean’ books just doesn’t exist.”


  • Bodies and Beaches is good job, with a likable lead and a lot of interesting action I enjoyed reading, and you write very well indeed. Verdict: Well done!”
    — Richard S. Prather


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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