iPrivateEye (Mike & Nora)

Created by John Shepphird

John Shepphird, best known in the shamus game for his stories featuring allegedly retired con artist turned private eye Jack O’Shea, also writes the iPrivate Eye series for Hooked, an online site/app featuring bite-size flash fiction told entirely through text messages and photographs.

They’re breezy little nuggets, but Shepphird nails the dialogue (er, text messages) down hard, as private eye NORA and her on-again, off-again boyfriend MIKE (also a P.I.) flirt, tease and get the job done, whether it’s tailing an errant husband or finding a lost dog, while various clients bitch and moan.

You might find the stories online if you poke around (I found them (sans photos) here and then entered “iPrivateEye” in the search bar) but the app (availabler from the App Store and GooglePlay from some gang called Telepathic, Inc.) is the way to go, as it comes with photos as well.

The author is a writer and director of TV, movies and independent films, with such cinematic classics as The Santa Trap, Jersey Shore Shark Attack and Snowboard Academy in his C.V. but don’t hold that against him — the O’Shea stories are well worth tracking down.


  • “iPrivateEye, Season #1” (2016, Hooked.media)
  • “iPrivateEye, Season #2” (2017, Hooked.media)
  • “iPrivateEye, Season #3” (July 2018, Hooked.media)

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