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SAXON was a struggling Los Angeles actor who worked as a private eye, at least until his big break came along. I guess he figured it’s better than waiting on tables…

The initial draft of Saxon’s debut, An Infinite Number of Monkeys, won the very first SMP/PWA Best First Private Eye Novel Contest, and he went on to appear  in a string of good-humoured and entertaining novels. In fact, it was just the start for the author — he turned out to be a pretty damn good private eye writer, giving us not just the Saxon series, but the even-better and longer-running series about working class Cleveland gumshoe Milan Jacovich.


  • “The Saxon short story, ‘Pig Man’ contains the single most overblown beginning of any P.I. prose that I’ve read in the last ten years:
    “I make half my living involved with people you’d never ask to dinner. Punks, wiseguys, skels, grifters, junkies, hookers, and the bigger, dirtier fish who feed off them. It can get sticky sometimes.”
    Sounds more like a TV voice-over than a book, doesn’t it?
    — Victoria Esposito-Shea



  • “Little Cat Feet” (1991, Cat Crimes)
  • “The Pig Man” (1994, Deadly Allies II; also 1999, First Cases 3)
  • “The Catnap” (1994, Feline and Famous: Cat Crimes Goes Hollywood)
Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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