Tony Lowell

Created by E.C. Ayres
Pseudonym of Gene Ayres; also writes as John Underwood

In yet another Florida P. I. series, TONY LOWELL is a “shaggy 1960’s dropout, a “hippie deadbeat” Vietnam vet and ex-hotshot UPI photographer who took early retirement to live the dream: a little beer and a little pot with friends, a little guitar playing, a little sailing, a little Zen now and then. He lives in a shack on the Florida Gulf Coast in the Tampa Bay area, worries about the environment and takes occasional PI gigs — if the price is right — to finance the restoration of an old sailboat. His jobs frequently bring him into conflict with the hawkish Lena Bedrosian of the Manatee City Police Department, who’s no fan of Tony’s laidback ways.

Think of him as a Big Chill version of Travis McGee, and you’re halfway there…

His debut, Hour of the Manatee, won the 1992 St. Martin’s Press/Best First Private Eye Novel Contest.


E. C. Ayres (alternate pen name Gene Ayres), is a former documentary film producer, screenwriter and author. When the Tony Lowell series failed to set the world on fire, Ayres spent much of the following decade researching a literary thriller about the Shakespeare authorship, The Shakespeare Chronicles, under a family pseudonym John Underwood, which became an Italian bestseller as Il Libro Segreto di Shakespeare. A teaching assignment in China  led to two more books: Inside the New China  a thriller, Dawn of the Dragon. A fifth book in the Lowell series, Red Tide, appeared in 2015.


  • In 1998’s Lair of the Lizard, Tony goes to Santa Fe runs across Walter Satterthwait’s Joshua Croft.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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