Dan Crowley

Created by Angus McLean

Former cop DAN CROWLEY is now the “private investigator extraordinaire” and proprietor of Chase Investigations, situated in Auckland, New Zealand. He’s ably assisted in his investigations by his partners: his “distractingly beautiful” wife Molly and his good buddy, trouble-prone tough guy ex-soldier Mike Manning.

There are currently two novels, Red Mist (2017) and Fallen Angels (2018), and seven novellas in the series.  All  written, according to the author, Angus McLean, “in the vein of the 80s shows I grew up watching: Magnum, Simon and Simon, Riptide, and pretty much anything from the Cannell studios. Lots of fist fights, one liners, car chases and camaraderie.”

He goes on to add, “I think I’m a little unique in this scene, being a serving police detective and ex-PI who writes crime and thrillers.”



  • “Better Days (2018, Chase investigations Box Set 1)


  • Chase investigations Box Set 1 (2018) Kindle it!
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.


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