Harry Challenge

Created by Ron Goulart

One of Ron Goulart countless P.I. creations, HARRY CHALLENGE is a field operative for the Challenge International Detective Agency, a family business. Receiving his assignments by mail and telegram from his nearly-estranged father, Harry bounces around early 20th century Europe, usually accompanied by stage magician The Great Lorenzo (whose abilities may not all be just sleight-of-hand illusions). Intrepid girl reporter Jennie Barr is often on the same trails as Harry, alternately aiding and competing with him in cracking the cases… and as the mysteries may involve werewolf assassins, clockwork swordsmen and the odd vampire or two, Harry can use all the help he can get.

Of course, Goulart is responsible for a long string of sci-fi/P.I. hybrids, featuring such sci-fi and fantasy gumshoes as Jake and Hildy Pace, Ben Jolson, Max Kearney and even Jake Cardigan, supposedly written by William “T. J. Hambone” Shatner, as well as an excellent series featuring “straight”‘ P.I. John Easy.



Respectfully submitted by Don B. Hilliard..(C) 1999 by Don B. Hilliard.

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