My Scrapbook: The Winking Brown Eye

My Scrapbook

The National Lampoon Reviews
John D. MacDonald’s “New” Travis McGee Book

n the July 1981 issue of the National Lampoon (the special “Endless, Mindless Summer Sex” issue),
they ran “Would You Like Something to Read?,” a spoof of a regular book column,
by Sean Kelly and Ted Mann.

Yes, it’s cheeky, politically incorrect and embarrassingly juvenile. You should probably stop reading right now…

The column also featured “reviews” of new novels by a handful of made-up genre writers like Angelica Sitwell (an Agatha Christie-type), and sci-fi/fantasy writers E. Claude Boll  and Hugo Lestoil, and a slew of non-fiction books.

Repectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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