Abby Williams

Created by Krysten Ritter

No, really.

That Krysten Ritter. The star of Netflix’s Jessica Jones, wrote a private detective thriller, 2017’s Bonfire. Actually wrote it herself! And not only doesn’t it suck, but it was surprisingly well received!

Hotshot environmental lawyer ABBY WILLIAMS has a pretty swell life in Chicago, worlds away from Barrens, Indiana — a place she gladly put in the rear view over ten years ago. But when Barrens’ biggest employer, Optimal Plastics, is accused of dumping toxic waste into the local groundwater, Abby is dispatched to her old hometown to investigate — just in time for her high school reunion.

Yeah, I know — it sounds like a plotline from Riverdale or Veronica Mars or something, but Ritter can actually write. Abby’s a delight; a flawed but credible hero, caught up in an investigation that threatens to spiral out of control, pulling her back to a dark and troubled past she’s spent years trying to escape.

So, is this a fluke, or is there a sequel in the works?


  • “… an auspicious literary debut with Bonfire, spinning a suspenseful, psychologically gripping story.
    — Entertainment Weekly
  • “… a thriller that delivers suspense, surprise and satisfaction.”
    — People
  • “I burned through Krysten Ritter’s hugely accomplished debut. Bonfire is dark, disturbing, and compulsively readable.”
    — Ruth Ware
  • “… a triumphant fiction debut with this pulse-pounding thriller featuring a sympathetic, broken lead character… Pitch-perfect.”
    — Publishers Weekly



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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