My Scrapbook: Burt Reynold’s Gun & B.L. Stryker’s Holster

My Scrapbook

Burt Reynold’s Gun & B.L. Stryker‘s Holster

This is almost too precious to lose, so I’m re-posting this here for all you “true fans of Burt,” before it disappears…

Burt Reynolds Concealed Carry Rossi Revolver

You are looking at the personal concealed carry weapon that was carried daily by Hollywood Icon Burt Reynolds. This Rossi Revolver was customized for Burt when he purchased it, with the barrel being shortened to 2 3/8″ with sights added. Every day Burt carried this Rossi concealed, where he knew if required he could draw and defend himself from any crazed maniac or other threat.


This revolver was the last firearm owned by Burt Reynolds at the time of his death in 2018. However a lifetime of collecting and past sales by Mr. Reynolds showed he loved all firearms, in particular classic military firearms from around the world. You know this revolver was however special to Burt as it was the last gun he kept and carried daily in the included holster.

True fans of Burt will recognize this holster as it is the holster his character B.L. Stryker carried on screen during the two season run of the show B.L. Stryker. While the show B.L. Stryker may not be remembered as Burt’s finest work, it was however executive produced by Tom Selleck, another Hollywood Icon who has also has been a lifelong supporter of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

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What a bargain! Better hurry before it’s gone! 

This was actually posted on a pro-gun site called Keep Shooting, which also offers such tasteful (and high-priced) items “for advanced collectors” as an authentic John Wayne Gacy Painting (signed by both notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy and Baltimore Oriole legend Cal Ripken Jr.), a goblet from Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski’s wedding and a whole arsenal of weapons formerly owned by Jerry Lewis (speaking of crazed maniacs).

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