My Scrapbook: Pete Emslie Does Joe Mannix!

My Scrapbook

One of my favourite caricatures of Joe Mannix (Mike Connors). By master cartoonist Pete Emslie.


Ottawa-born Pete Emslie published this caricature of Mike Connors (and a great little bio) for the actor’s 88th birthday on his blog, The Cartoon Cave, and admitted that Mannix was “a TV favourite of mine that I’ve long wanted to pay tribute to.”

Pete has worked as a cartoonist in the print medium for over 30 years, including a ten-year stint with Disney, and has taught Character Design in the animation program at Sheridan College in Oakville. A pop culture junkie, he has a particular fondness for the 1960s, tagging it as a “time when everything in commercial art and popular entertainment still made sense to me. It was Sinatra’s world and I’m still livin’ in it.”

Pete currently lives in Mississauga, Ontario, and freelances for for Disney and other clients, illustrating children’s books and other Disney merchandise.


  • The Cartoon Cave
    The Blogsite That Time Forgot… Pete’s official e-gallery, featuring a portfolio of Pete’s amazing caricatures and mini-essays of various actors, comedians, singers and other celebrities.
  • Caricature Art from Pete Emsrie
    Kevin Ataide’s Pinterest page.
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