Max Freeman

Created By Jonathon King

After two well-received books (including his Edgar-winning The Blue Edge of Midnight (2002) debut, he spent mucking about around the edges of the P.I. genre, Jonathon King’s MAX FREEMAN finally became a full-fledged private eye in his third novel, Shadow Men (2004).

Max was originally a Philly cop, or at least until he shot and killed a twelve-year-old kid involved in a convenience store robbery. Although subsequently vindicated, he’s plagued by guilt, and now lives in an isolated shack without power or running water in the Everglades, his version of a residential hairshirt, I guess.

But once a cop, always a cop. Max just can’t seem to keep getting into things — in The Blue Edge of Midnight, he discovers a dead child, and ends up tracking down a serial killer; and in A Visible Darkness (2003), he goes up against a killer who preys on elderly women.

Shadow Men (2004) finds Max going up against another killer, but this time he’s getting paid for his troubles. A brand new private eye, Max is hired to investigate the disappearance eight some-odd years ago of a father and his two sons who vanished while working as laborers to build the first road through the Florida Everglades. The client, a man contemplating joining a seminary and a descendant of the missing men, has recently come across a series of letters that possibly shed new light on what happened — but is quickly stonewalled. He turns to Max for help.

Jonathon King’ has been a journalist for more than twenty years, covering the crime beat, mostly, and is currently a feature writer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


  • “In Shadow Men, Jonathon King captures the intrigue, lyrical beauty, and darkness of the Florida Everglades better than any other writer I know of. His account of corporate greed in the midst of an Edenic paradise is a warning for our times.”
    — James Lee Burke



  • The Max Freeman Mysteries, Volume One (2017) Kindle it!
    Contains the first three novels.
  • The Max Freeman Mysteries, Volume Two (2018) Kindle it!
    Contains the last four novels.


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