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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Our last Zoom,  a few months ago, was a heckuva time. A small, informal but happening gathering of P.I. fans that included writers, editors, fans and even poets. We discussed bad TV and film adaptations, upcoming books worth reading (or avoiding), and who made the best (and the worst) Marlowe. It was so much fun that, well, as Peter Frampton would say, “C’mon, let’s do it again!”

And so, in honour of our 23rd Anniversary (it was in all the papers!), we’ll be hosting another one!

It’s on on Saturday, April 3, and once more, despite a little horn tooting, it’ll just be another loosey goosey chat about all things P.I.–books, short stories, the Shamus awards, TV, film, SMFS, comics, rock’n’roll, who should be the next Dick of the Day, whatever comes up. It’s a birthday party, but no gifts are necessary. If you insist, you can wear a funny hat instead. Or bring cyber cake. Or beer…


I won’t be so much moderating (I hope) as participating, but I hope you can make it. If it follows our last few ZOOM chats, it should be a freewheeling affair, mostly a few regulars and a few surprise guests, sorta like running into an old pal (and maybe a few new ones) in an out-of-town bar.

Hope you can make it. BYOB.

WHEN: Saturday, April 3, 2021. 2:30 PM EDT/11:30 AM PST.


No password needed. But there is a waiting room, so PLEASE be patient.

(Sometimes I get distracted, and it takes a while to remember to let people in)

Free to share the link with friends (say, oh, five plus-ones) who are also fans of crime and detective fiction, particularly private eyes. These casual chats are usually pretty easygoing. The crowds may be small, but the passion is BIG.

Zoom account isn’t required to participate, if you’re using a computer.  You can also join a meeting using the Zoom mobile app on your phone or tablet.

Questions? Go ahead. Like the Fat Man says, I like to talk to a man (or woman) who likes to talk.


5 thoughts on “The Thrilling Detective Zoom

  1. The THRILLING DETECTIVE NOIR AT THE BAR last night (5/23) was just lovely. Thanks so much for hosting!

  2. Just bought the book and looking forward to the panel discussion! I hope someone will point out that Birdy Edwards (ACD’s “The Valley of Fear”) was the first “hard-boiled” detective in fiction (and Pinkerton himself probably the first in the “real” world)!

    1. THE Leslie Klinger? Love your books!!! And as the theoretical moderator of this impending circus, I look forward to splitting some of those semantic hairs with you. I’m planning, after the more formal panel, to open up the Zoom to a Q&A and schmooze session.

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