Sean Stranahan

Created by Keith McCafferty

All in all, has-been private eye SEAN STRANAHAN would rather be left alone. That’s why he moved to Montana in the first place. Fish a little, paint a bit. No drama.

But wouldn’t you know it? Whenever attractive Hyalite County Sheriff Martha Ettinger comes a-calling, trouble always seems to rear its ugly head and Sean, being a gentleman and all, feels obliged to help out.

If you’re tired of your gumshoes wandering through all those canyons of dirty glass, steel and concrete, Sean may be the eye for you.

Keith McCafferty is an award-winning writer for Field and Stream, and it’s clear from just a few outdoorsy pages that he knows his stuff. The bigger surprise is how deftly he also handles the shamus game. He’s also won the Traver Award for angling literature, and is a two-time National Magazine awards finalist, but it sounds fishy to me. He lives with his wife in Bozeman, Montana.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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