Tony & Shep Thomas (Twin Detectives)

Created by Robert Carrington, Robert Specht and Everett Chambers

Hee-Haw‘s very own Hager twins, Jim and Jon, played twin P.I.s, TONY and SHEP (SHEP!!!) THOMAS, who use their identical twin status to so they could con the bad guys by being in two places at once.It comes in handy when they take on a case involving a psychic swindle, a spunky old dame and a murdered medium, in the smirky, frictionless 1976 TV pilot Twin Detectives. Hard-boiled? Not a chance in hell.

The pilot flopped, which is, perhaps, something for which we should all give thanks.

Suffice it to say it didn’t fare very well with viewers.

By the way, silent movie icon Lillian Gish, who should have known better, made her TV movie debut in this piece of crud. Shame, Lilly, shame!


  • “It was as good as it sounds.”
    Lee Goldberg on Twin Detectives


    (1976, Charles Fries Entertainment)
    90 minute made-for-TV movie
    Premiere: May 1, 1976
    Based on a story by Robert Carrington, Robert Specht and Everett Chambers
    Teleplay by Robert Specht
    Produced by Everett Chambers
    Starring Jim Hager as TONY THOMAS
    and Jon Hager as SHEP THOMAS
    Also starring Lillian Gish, Patrick O’Neal, Michael Constantine, Otis Young, Barbara Rhoades, Lynda Day George, Randy Oakes, Billy Barty


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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