My Scrapbook: The Robe Abides…

and the Dude's Doing Okay, Too From Entertainment Weekly (April 2021) What more can I say? This tearsheet from the April 2021 issue of Entertainment Weekly, written by Sydney Bucksbaum, pretty much summarizes everything you need to know about Jeff Lebowski's bathrobe in The Big Lebowski, one of the most iconic wardrobes in the Shamus … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Robe Abides…

Dan Fortune

Created by Michael Collins Pseudonym of Dennis Lynds "We are a species that preys on itself. We live on our own kind, hunt each other. That's what I wanted to tell the girl who faced me across the desk in the office part of my one-room loft, but I didn't. I told her what the … Continue reading Dan Fortune

My Scrapbook: The Dan Fortune Game

An Expansion for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Game Ellery Queen, as the joint pseudonym of Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington Lee, is cool. The magazine? The countless collections? These guys are top notch, legendary--an undeniably major influence on not just the Shamus Game, but the whole mystery genre. But Ellery Queen, their erudite, educated amateur sleuth, … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Dan Fortune Game

Medea Thorne (Murder Most Puzzling)

Created by Stephanie Von Reiswitz Is it a game? Is it a book? It's two, two, two things at once! Murder Most Puzzling: Twenty Mysterious Cases to Solve, written and illustrated by Stephanie Von Reiswitz, is a clever and handsomely illustrated collection of puzzles in book form--a variation of sorts on those five-minute mystery books … Continue reading Medea Thorne (Murder Most Puzzling)

The Game’s A-foot!

Puzzles, Books and Other P.I. Games Oh, the games people play now, every night and everyday, now...      Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so here's a short list of puzzling diversions for those of you who like to play. Lawrence Treat's Detectograms Mystery author Lawrence Treat did … Continue reading The Game’s A-foot!