Tom Lopaka, Tracy Steele & Greg MacKenzie (Hawaiian Eye)

Created by Roy Huggins "The soft island breeze brings you strange melodies And they tell of exotic mysteries under the tropical spell of Hawaiian Eye. Hawaiian Eye. Hawaiian Eye." -- most irritating TV theme ever? Another piece of product from the Warner Bros. TV Eye factory, picture this as "77 Sunset Strip goes Hawaiian." But … Continue reading Tom Lopaka, Tracy Steele & Greg MacKenzie (Hawaiian Eye)

John Rogue (Rogue’s Gallery/Film)

Created by Steve Fisher & A.C. Lyles CONFIDENTIAL HUMAN RELATIONS -- sign on Rogue's office door Roger Smith starred in Rogue's Gallery, a 1968 snoozer of a flick, as JOHN ROGUE, a struggling Los Angeles private eye who's hired by a therapist to keep an eye on a suicidal patient, Valerie York, who just happens … Continue reading John Rogue (Rogue’s Gallery/Film)

Rex Randolph, Cal Calhoun & Kenny Madison (Bourbon Street Beat)

Created by Charles Hoffman (?) Bourbon Street Beat (1959-60) was the first (but least commercially successful) of all the 77 Sunset Strip clones churned out by Warner Brothers TV factory back in the sixties, despite the intriguing setting of New Orleans. It was, arguably, the best of the bunch, but it got little love at … Continue reading Rex Randolph, Cal Calhoun & Kenny Madison (Bourbon Street Beat)

Stuart Bailey

Created by Roy Huggins (1914-2002)    Roy Huggins' decidedly downscale Los Angeles private eye STUART BAILEY appeared in one pretty good novel, The Double Take (1946), and launched a career. The novel was, as I said, a good one, one of those Chandleresque homages so prevalent in the forties, not quite reaching the lofty heights … Continue reading Stuart Bailey