Decoding Agatha Christie

How to Spot the Killer in One of Her Novels Yes, yes, I know--for many of you, Agatha Chrisitie is the antithesis of everything private eye, and belongs on this site about as much as tofu recipes or lectures on the breeding habits of dung beetles. But let's give credit where credit is due--Christie is, … Continue reading Decoding Agatha Christie

Benoit Blanc (Knives Out)

Created by Rian Johnson "When people get desperate, the knives come out." Screenwriter and director Rian Johnson has already seriously mucked around with the mystery genre back in his feature film debut Brick, which transported the classic hard-boiled/film noir detective flicks of the forties┬áto a contemporary high school in the endless sun-bleached suburban sprawl of … Continue reading Benoit Blanc (Knives Out)

Tommy & Tuppence Beresford

Created by Agatha Christie (1890-1976) "Two young adventurers for hire Willing to do anything, go anywhere. Pay must be good." -- the ad that was never placed Yep, that Agatha Christie. Okay, it's not exactly the mean streets, but arguably the first-ever husband-and-wife sleuthing duo was created by the Queen of Crime herself, a decade … Continue reading Tommy & Tuppence Beresford

Hercule Poirot

Created by Agatha Christie (1890-1976) "My name is Hercule Poirot. I am probably the greatest detective in the world." (modest bastard, isn't he?) Yes, yes, yes, HERCULE POIROT was so a private detective. No, he was not hard-boiled. He wasn't some rye-guzzling brute in a trenchcoat and fedora, with an eye for the ladies, a … Continue reading Hercule Poirot