Sam Hill

Created by Harry Lucey (1913-80) and ???   "His hand darted for a gun, but mine darted faster." -- Sam in "The Cutie Killer Caper"   Outta the Archie Comics stable (under the Close-Up, Inc. imprint) came two-fisted SAM HILL, another short-lived private eye comic book from the early, pre-Comics Code fifties. Sam had the … Continue reading Sam Hill

Jughead Jones

Created by Bob Montana and John L. Goldwater We all know JUGHEAD JONES, right? Archie Comics? Archie's pal? From Riverdale? Doesn't like girls? Loves food, particularly hamburgers? Wears a¬†crown-like beanie? Sarcastic? Occasionally snarky? Laidback? Slightly off? Been around since 1941 or so? What I didn't realize was that Jughead's had a jones (sorry) for private … Continue reading Jughead Jones