They Come From Lands Down Under

Eyes at Work in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealan AUSTRALIA Benjamin Bartholomew by Kel Richards Cassidy Blair by Kirsty Brooks Rosie Bosansky by A.E. Martin Richard Browning by Peter Corris Sam Chauvel by Scott Bywater Grant Colwyn by Arthur J. Rees Ted Conkaffey & Amanda Pharrell by Candice Fox (Queensland) Denis Delaney by Bant Singer … Continue reading They Come From Lands Down Under

Lane Holland

Created by Shelley Burr Police academy dropout LANE HOLLAND figured he could make a decent living working cold cases as a private investigator, and in his crackling debut, Wake (2022), it looks like he’s come up with a case that’s both very cold and very lucrative. Nineteen years ago, young Evelyn McCreery vanished from her … Continue reading Lane Holland

Billie Walker

Created by Tara Moss A new series, well-received, following the adventures of feisty Australian war-time reporter BILLIE WALKER who returns home to Sydney after the war, mourning the disappearance and possible death of her husband Jack Rake somewhere in Europe. Turfed out of her job now that "the men are back,” she takes over her late … Continue reading Billie Walker

Jack Morgan, Peter Knight, Dan Carter, Chris Schneider, Craig Gisto, Santosh Wagh, Joey Montague et al (Private)

Created by James Patterson, Maxine Paetro, Mark Sullivan, Mark Pearson, Michael White, Ashwin Sanghi, Rees Jones, Jassy Mackenzie et al I've heard so many bad and even cruel things from writers and readers whom I generally respect about James Patterson's writing--tempered by equally effusive but vague praise by diehard fans--that I really had little real … Continue reading Jack Morgan, Peter Knight, Dan Carter, Chris Schneider, Craig Gisto, Santosh Wagh, Joey Montague et al (Private)

Hairbutt the Hippo

Created by Bodine Amerikah Art by Jase Paulos Mystery! Intrigue! Romance! Guns! Flatulence! From the pages of Australian edition of MAD Magazine and the decidedly-twisted good folks at Rat Race Comix comes the thundering saga of a Down Under private dick who does not go gently into that good night. You know him, you love him! … Continue reading Hairbutt the Hippo

Caleb Zelic

Created by Emma Viskic "Caleb Zelic can't hear you but he sees everything." -- now that is one great tagline Brutal. That's the word that comes to mind oftenwhen trying to describe this wrenching series. Reminiscent at times of Andrew Vachhs or Paul Cleave, nothing is done by half-measures. When people are killed, they're really … Continue reading Caleb Zelic

Mak Vanderwall

Created by Tara Moss I've only read one MAKEDDE "MAK" VANDERWALL book so far, and I  the character appears to be closely based on the author herself, a Canadian ex-pat and former model now living in Australia. Mak is studying forensic psychologist and working as a part-time model... and a budding P.I. for the Marion Wendell agency … Continue reading Mak Vanderwall

Jeffrey Blackburn

Created by Max Afford (1906 - 1954) “I wonder if the old bird would be interested in buying a few antiques from this family? A .45 automatic, rusty through disuse, an unused set of brass knuckles and an out-of-date private eye, sound in wind and limb except for a pickled liver!” -- Jeffrey ponder his … Continue reading Jeffrey Blackburn

Jaffy Rotunda (Colourblind)

Created by Nathan Hill "I like your face. It's just your personality that shits me." The 2019 Australian drama Colourblind was written, directed and produced by Nathan Hill, who also starred as JAFFY ROTUNDA, a middle-aged, colourblind investigator from Melbourne, Australia, who just broke up with his girlfriend. At odds, he begrudgingly comes out of … Continue reading Jaffy Rotunda (Colourblind)

Max Strong

Created by Robert Dudgeon Pseudonym of seudonym of Frank S. Greenop Straight up? I don't know much about MAX STRONG. He was apparently a series character who appeared in twenty or so novels put out in the fifties by Cleveland Publishing of Sydney, Australia, trying to duplicate the success of Carter Brown by promising “excitement … Continue reading Max Strong