Cliff Hardy

Created by Peter Corris (1942-2018) "Not for the first time I reflected that a hundred and twenty a day wasn't a good rate for getting dead, but there was no point in upping the fees. A thousand a day is still a poor deal." -- Cliff Hardy One of the great private eye series to … Continue reading Cliff Hardy

Larry Kent

Created by Ron Ingleby "It was an underground joint. A neon sign in read and blue and yellow flashed on and off over the stone steps. The neon sign showed kicking girls and glasses of bubbly stuff. But you were just as likely to get a Mickey Finn down there as you were to get … Continue reading Larry Kent

Jack Irish

Created by Peter Temple (1946-2018) Got a cryptic note in my in-box. It said: "JACK IRISH -- Aussie ex-soldier, ex-lawyer, ex-alcoholic, punter, footy fan, cabinet-maker and finder of people and conspiracies." Well it certainly piqued my interest, so I did a little digging. Turns out Jack's a character created by some guy called Peter Temple. … Continue reading Jack Irish