Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd created by Tex Avery Batman created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger “My name is Elmer Fudd. He’s Batman. And we’re hunting wabbits." One of the more bizarre entries into the Shamus Game is Looney Toon ELMER FUDD, that wascawwy wabbit-hunting weirdo, who becomes a po-faced bounty hunter in the Batman/Elmer Fudd Special, an … Continue reading Elmer Fudd

My Scrapbook: Darwyn Cooke’s Color Model Sheet for Slam Bradley

My Scrapbook Darwyn Cooke's Color Model Sheet for Slam Bradley (March 2001) Say what you will about Slam Bradley, arguably DC Comics' longest running detective character (first appearance: Detective Comics #1), but his revival in 2001 in a four-part backup that ran in issues #759-762 of that magazine may be the greatest and most sincere … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Darwyn Cooke’s Color Model Sheet for Slam Bradley

Sasha Bordeaux

Created by Greg Rucka and Shawn Martinbrough "Hey, it's Bruce Wayne. How can I refuse?" Sasha to Lucius Fox, upon being offer the job of Wayne's bodyguard Don't you hate it when stupid things happen to great comic book characters? After quitting the Secret Service, SASHA BORDEAUX decides to go private as a bodyguard, and soon … Continue reading Sasha Bordeaux

To the Batcave!

P.I. Writers who Have Contributed to the Canon      Since his creation back in the thirties, Batman has had an immense and undeniable impact on not just crime fiction but on our culture itself, influencing and appearing in films, radio and television, graphic novels, cartoons, comic strips, videogames and of course comic books. Here's … Continue reading To the Batcave!

Jason Bard

Created by Frank Robbins and Gil Kane Another pipe-sucking shamus from the backpages of Detective Comics, playing second fiddle to Batman? Gotham City private eye and ex-Marine JASON BARD is a young "resourceful, battle-scarred Vietnam vet, his only weapon a cane and a razor-sharp intelligence." In the straighter-than-thou world of DC of the seventies, Jason … Continue reading Jason Bard


Created by Frank Robbins and Neal Adams In the July 1978 issue of Batman Family (#20, if you're keeping track), we're treated to "Private Eye Man-Bat," a story wherein Kirk Langstrom asks Batman for a little favor: a job reference. Seems Langstrom thinks he'd make a swell partner for Gotham City private detective Jason Bard. Despite Batman's recommendation, … Continue reading Man-Bat


Character created by Bob Kane, with Bill Finger YES, that BATMAN. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. One half of The Dynamic Duo. A sinister figure lurking in the shadows. Now, don't get me wrong--as I've had to tell numerous readers over the years who are upset at his exclusion of Batman on these pages--Batman is … Continue reading Batman

Detectives in DC Comics

  Remember when there were actual detectives doing actual detective work in Detective Comics? Known now as the home of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, many younger fans may not realize that when comics giant DC's flagship title Detective Comics first came out in March 1937, it was simply a kid-friendly comic book version of … Continue reading Detectives in DC Comics