Leonid McGill

Created by Walter Mosley (1952--) LEONID McGILL may just be the Job of detective fiction. Walter Mosley's contemporary African-American private eye and family man (with three grown -- and at times troublesome -- children), partial to Lucky Strikes and beer, is trying to make a go of it on the decidedly mean and frequently bewildering … Continue reading Leonid McGill

Mali Anderson

Created by Grace Edwards Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's the Harlem Shuffle... Sometime-sleuth MALI ANDERSON is a savvy, street-smart student working towards a Ph.D. in social work with roots deep that go deep into her Harlem working class neighborhood. But this isn't some bleak, mean streets gangsta hip-hop, film-at-eleven version of Harlem. Instead, the neighbourhood is … Continue reading Mali Anderson

Dayna Anderson

Created by by Kellye Garrett It's certainly not the first time someone has imagined a former celebrity becoming a private eye or amateur sleuth, but Kellye Garrett's light-hearted novels about "semi-retired" actress DAYNA ANDERSON may be the funniest. Although, truth be told, Dayna wasn't exactly as big a shot she thinks she was -- she … Continue reading Dayna Anderson

Florian Slappey

Created by Octavus Roy Cohen (1891-1959)     Man, those were different times... One of the first black detectives, and an early proto-eye, FLORIAN SLAPPEY was a tall, slim drink of water, a "colored gentleman," a well-dressed and well-known man about town who decides to leave "Bumminham", Alabama" for the bright lights and big city … Continue reading Florian Slappey