Oliver Quade (“The Human Encyclopedia”)

Created by Frank Gruber Pseudonyms include Stephen Acre, Charles K. Boston & John K. Vedder (1904-1969) "The price of this magnificent volume is not twenty-five dollars as you might expect, not even fifteen or ten, but a paltry two-ninety-five. It sounds preposterous, I know, but it's really true! All the wisdom of all the ages … Continue reading Oliver Quade (“The Human Encyclopedia”)

Bernie Rhodenbarr

Created by Lawrence Block (1938--) Okay, so he's not a P.I.! Slight, mild-mannered New Yorker BERNIE RHODENBARR and his cat run Barnegat Books on East Eleventh Street, between Broadway and University Place and lives in an apartment at Seventy-First and West End Avenue, in this sly, literate and slightly goofy series by Lawrence Block, creator of … Continue reading Bernie Rhodenbarr

Georg Wilsberg

Created by Jürgen Kehrer (1956--) As popular and influential as the series of novels by German author Jürgen Kehrer about Münster private eye GEORG WILSBERG may be (the author consciously tried to avoid most of the tropes of American detective fiction, presenting an unassuming, decidedly German small town private eye who was neither heroic nor particularly tough), Wilsberg's biggest … Continue reading Georg Wilsberg

Nikki Griffin

Created by S.A. Lelchuk So now we have NIKKI GRIFFIN, cast by some as the perfect vigilante hero for the #metoo age. Save Me from Dangerous Men, her powerful debut, is a ballsy mashup of agitprop and vengeance porn; a cautionary tale (or thrill read) full of sadistic, abusive men (Boo! Hiss!) and a violent, … Continue reading Nikki Griffin