Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd created by Tex Avery Batman created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger “My name is Elmer Fudd. He’s Batman. And we’re hunting wabbits." One of the more bizarre entries into the Shamus Game is Looney Toon ELMER FUDD, that wascawwy wabbit-hunting weirdo, who becomes a po-faced bounty hunter in the Batman/Elmer Fudd Special, an … Continue reading Elmer Fudd

Bugs Bunny, Private Eye

Created by Warner Bros. "Bugs Bunny, private eyeball – thugs thwarted, arsonists arrested, bandits booked, forgers found, counterfeiters caught and chiselers chiseled.” — Bugs answers the phone in “Bugs and Thugs" Created in the late 30s by a slew of producers, writers and directors at Warner Bros., BUGS BUNNY has always seemed  like a natural as … Continue reading Bugs Bunny, Private Eye