“Slightly Tarnished Armor”

By Christopher Mills Featuring Matthew Dain May 1999   "I'm afraid the son of a bitch is going to kill me." Her voice was hard, cold; as completely devoid of emotion as a telephone operator's. She took another long drag on her cigarette and closed her eyes as she exhaled. I took another sip of coffee … Continue reading “Slightly Tarnished Armor”

“Hit and Run”

By Christopher Mills Featuring Matthew Dain October 2008 I was sitting in my '65 Ford Mustang with a thermos of hot coffee between my legs to keep my nuts from freezing, wincing at the icy wind that howled in off Casco Bay and through the half-open window. I hate stakeouts anyway, and sitting in a thirty-year … Continue reading “Hit and Run”

My Bookshelf: Noir: The Illustrated Crime Fiction Quarterly

My Bookshelf Noir:  The Illustrated Crime Fiction Quarertly Edited by Christopher Mills A year after his ambitious one-shot anthology The Detectives,  editor Christopher Mills let fly with the even more ambitious Noir: The Illustrated Crime Fiction Quarterly, an attempt to re-create The Detectives on a regular basis. It never quite caught on, lasting a mere three … Continue reading My Bookshelf: Noir: The Illustrated Crime Fiction Quarterly

My Bookshelf: The Detectives

My Bookshelf The Detectives (April 1993, Alpha Productions) A  classic one-shot comic book anthology "of comic book private eyes from 1993, edited and designed by Christopher Mills, "celebrating sventy years of the American private eye." A great idea, handsomely produced, and simply an amazing collection, with both original and reprinted stories by Nicola Cuti, Mike W. … Continue reading My Bookshelf: The Detectives

Matthew Dain

Created by Christopher Mills From Stephen King country comes thirty-something ("Too young to be called a baby boomer and too old for Generation X") private eye MATTHEW AARON DAIN. Matt walks the not-so-mean streets of Portland, Maine, although his work (and his personal life, such as it is) takes him all over the Pine Tree … Continue reading Matthew Dain

Mike Danger

Created by Mickey Spillane (1918-2006) According to legend, Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer was originally meant to be a comic book eye called MIKE DANGER, allegedly a harder, tougher version of a Mike Lancer backup feature he had written for Harvey Comics' Green Hornet #10 back in 1942. Danger worked out of New York City's Hackard … Continue reading Mike Danger