Jim Bennett

Created by Robert Martin¬† Pseudonyms include Lee Roberts (1908-1976) Cleveland, Ohio's own JIM BENNETT was a rarity in detective fiction in the fifties--a happily-married man. Thomas Dewey, Bart Spicer and James M. Fox are about the only other writers of this period that seemed to stray from the whole lone wolf/P.I. thing. His long-suffering wife … Continue reading Jim Bennett

Slam Bradley

Created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel SLAM BRADLEY, the original two-fisted, fightin'-mad (and occasionally pipe-sucking) comic book shamus, slugged his way through the mean streets of Cleveland, Ohio in the pages of Detective Comics, the comic book response to the hard-boiled crime and detective pulps of the time. Slam loved a good brouhaha (eyes … Continue reading Slam Bradley

Lincoln Perry

Created by Michael Koryta Damn. It's tempting to simply rag on author Michael Koryta's age (or lack of it) when he published his first book, but that would just be too easy. I mean, really, how dare this twenty year old punk win the 2003 SMP/PWA Contest for Best First P.I. Novel? But Lord knows, … Continue reading Lincoln Perry

Jinx Alameda

Created by Brian Michael Bendis When I first discovered across JINX ALAMEDA¬†sometime in the mid-nineties, I thought: at last! Here's a character-driven crime comic that looks and feels like a classic noir flick right out of the thirties with every bit of the grit and wit intact, but is defiantly set smack dab in the … Continue reading Jinx Alameda