Bill “Baron Munchausen” Tolliver

Created by Curtiss T. Gardner (1898--) BILL "BARON MUNCHAUSEN" TOLLIVER was an investigator for the Imperial Casualty Company who appeared in over a dozen short stories in the pulps in the forties, mostly in G-Men Detective. Apparently, the author, Curtis Tarring Gardner,┬áhad a thing for insurance dicks. He also wrote at least one story about … Continue reading Bill “Baron Munchausen” Tolliver

Willard P. Webb & Bruno Steele

Created by Curtiss T. Gardner (1898--) Somebody sent me this, with no explanation, but it does sound intriguing... I mean, a couple of insurance dicks, working as a team? And one of them is blind? And those names! WILLARD P. WEBB? BRUNO STEELE? Visions of some unholy, pulpy mix of Double Indemnity and Longstreet are … Continue reading Willard P. Webb & Bruno Steele