Bill “Baron Munchausen” Tolliver

Created by Curtiss T. Gardner

BILL “BARON MUNCHAUSEN” TOLLIVER was an investigator for the Imperial Casualty Company who appeared in over a dozen short stories in the pulps in the forties, mostly in G-Men Detective.

Apparently, the author, Curtis Tarring Gardner, had a thing for insurance dicks. He also wrote at least one story about insurance investigators Bruno Steele & Willard P. Webb.

All I know about  Gardner is that he was born in  Maryland in 1898, graduated from MIT; and lived in Tice, Florida at some point in his life. He also sold plenty of stories to the crime and detective pulps, mostly G-Men, Five-Novels and Thrilling Detective. The Baron seems to have been his only serious series character.


  • “A Stumper for the Baron” (Summer 1943, Exciting Detective)
  • “The Baron Meets a Live Wire” (Spring 1944, G-Men Detective)
  • “The Baron Makes a Photo Finish” (Fall 1944, G-Men Detective)
  • “The Baron Finds a Corpse Interred” (Spring 1945, G-Men Detective)
  • “The Baron Is in Trouble” (Fall 1945, G-Men Detective)
  • “The Baron Renders Road Service” (Winter 1946, G-Men Detective)
  • “The Baron Practices Malpractice” (February 1946, G-Men Detective)
  • “The Baron Advances Under Fire” (April 1946, G-Men Detective)
  • “The Baron Brings Home the Bacon” (Summer 1946, G-Men Detective)
  • “The Baron Ducks an Oily Death” (Fall 1946, G-Men Detective)
  • “Soup Is the Baronís Dish” (January 1947, G-Men Detective)
  • “A Spur for the Baron” (March 1947, G-Men Detective)
  • “The Baron Gets a Cable” (May 1947, G-Men Detective)
  • “A Dog’s Life for the Baron” (July 1947, G-Men Detective)
  • “The Baron Hunts a Lost Dutchman” (May 1948, G-Men Detective)
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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