Another One Rides the Bus

Thrilling Detective, Jackson Donne & Me By Dave White Back in 1998, I sat in a computer lab on Rutgers University campus, searching for my next read. Yeah, I was an English major, but no, I wasn't searching out novels for my next class. I was looking for private eye fiction to read. I had … Continue reading Another One Rides the Bus


A Jackson Donne Story by David White Autumn 2002 "Where were you?" Omar said, his voice like a needle in my ear. We were sitting on the New Jersey Turnpike, heading north. Traffic was slow, grinding, and typical for any weekday morning. People were making their way to their jobs, most heading toward New York … Continue reading “Closure”

“God Bless the Child”

A Jackson Donne Story by David White February/March 2000 I sat in my car trying to learn how to blow smoke rings, while I waited for Joan Beckett or her son Alan to come out of their house. I only managed one really good smoke ring, but I was patient. You had to be on … Continue reading “God Bless the Child”

Jackson Donne

Created by Dave White JACKSON DONNE knows a few things about chances. The New Jersey eye's had several. Once upon a time, he was a narcotics cop. That came in handy, since he was also a narcotics user. That came crashing down, leaving Donne on the outs with the police. When we meet him in … Continue reading Jackson Donne