Mary Carner

Created by Zelda F. Popkin Pseudonym of Jenny Feinberg (1898-1983) "Mary looked like year before last's debutante, last June's bride, this year's young matron. Prospective shoplifters, hesitating before a haul, never guessed that the pretty, well-groomed young woman in the oxford gray suit and kolinsky scarf, standing beside them at the counter, was far more … Continue reading Mary Carner

Marion Marlowe

Created by Grace Shirley House pseudonym, used by Lurana Sheldon (first 30 novellas) and others “Why, I am beginning to think that I am a born detective.” Although occasionally cited as an early girl detective, a predecessor of Nancy Drew, or even an early female private eye, MARION MARLOWE was just an annoyingly perfect young … Continue reading Marion Marlowe