Michael Power

Created by Paul Denver Pseudonym name of Douglas Enefer, who also wrote as Dale Bogard and John Powers (1906-1987) MICHAEL POWER was a Chandleresque New York City eye who appeared in a couple of books in the early sixties published by the British paperback house, Consul. His creator was prolific British pulpster Douglas Enefer, who … Continue reading Michael Power

Dale Bogard

Created by Dale Bogarde Pseudonym of Douglas Enefer; other pseudonyms include Paul Denver and John Powers (1906-87) Yet another would-be American tough guy by yet another British author with no particular knowledge of the United States, DALE BOGARD was the creation of prolific pulpster Douglas Enefer (one paperback billed him as "the fastest thriller writer … Continue reading Dale Bogard

Dale Shand (Triphammer)

Created by Douglas Enefer Pseudonyms include Dale Bogard & Paul Denver, as well as the house pseudonym of John Powers (1906-87) "Shand is all man as well as private investigator - perhaps the greatest fiction detective to emerge since Philip Marlowe. We the publishers, guarantee that you will sit up late with him." --well, his … Continue reading Dale Shand (Triphammer)