Michael Power

Created by Paul Denver
Pseudonym name of Douglas Enefer, who also wrote as Dale Bogard and John Powers

MICHAEL POWER was a Chandleresque New York City eye who appeared in a couple of books in the early sixties published by the British paperback house, Consul.

His creator was prolific British pulpster Douglas Enefer, who was pretty much a hack. He wrote a ton of pulpy stuff with juicy titles such as Striptease for Murder and Lay the Dame on Ice under both his own name and such pen names as Dale Bogard, Paul Denver and the house name of John Powers. It was under the Denver pen name that he wrote several books featuring TV’s Frank Cannon for which he is probably best known, although early in his career he had several other series going, mostly done in a faux American-style hard-boiled style, aboutprivate eyes like Dale Shand and Dale Bogard, and Liverpool copper Sam Bawtry.

None of them were particularly good, and this Brit’s take on America is as tone-deaf as his attempts to mimic Chandler.


  • Dead on Time (1965)
  • The Last Laugh (1965; novella plus one short story)


  • “No Pictures for Cathy” (1965, The Last Laugh)
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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