Pete Shay

Created by Peter McCurtin Pseudonyms include Jack Slade, Gene Curry (1929-1997) PETE SHAY is a New York City private eye who appeared in two 1979 gritty paperback originals from Belmont Tower—Minnesota Strip and Loanshark. Given the publisher, it’s no surprise that Shay is cut from very familiar cloth. Divorced, an ex-cop (ex-MP in his case), … Continue reading Pete Shay


Created by Adam Sternbergh "It's hokey but it's true. You learn things hauling trash." -- Shovel Ready In his relatively well-received debut, Shovel Ready (2014), Adam Sternbergh, culture editor for the New York Times Magazine and former editor-at-large at New York Magazine, paints a suitably bleak but well-rendered picture of a post-apocalyptic Big Apple that's … Continue reading Spademan

Captain Jim Agnihotri

Created by Nev March It's 1892, and Anglo-Indian Sherlock Holmes fan CAPTAIN JIM AGNIHOTRI of the British Army's 14th Light Cavalry Regiment, is recovering from his wounds from a "skirmish on the wild northern frontier" in a Bombay's Poona military hospital when we meet him in the Edgar-nominated Murder in Bombay (2020), the kick-off book in … Continue reading Captain Jim Agnihotri

Claire Conrad & Maggie Hill

Created by Melodie Johnson Howe "If you've missed the old Nero Wolfe, try this superb switch as two females replace Nero and Archie." That's the recommendation of The Hartford Courant (see? I read 'em all!), and for once, this is a backcover blurb that pretty much nailed it. The two females in question in that … Continue reading Claire Conrad & Maggie Hill

Emma Djan

Created by Kwei Quartey Best known for his acclaimed series featuring Detective Inspector Darko Dawson of the police in Accra, Ghana, author Kwei Quartey lit out for new territory in the Edgar-nominated, Shamus-winning The Missing American (2020), when he introduced former police officer turned private investigator EMMA DJAN. Ex-cops turned private eyes (especially disgraced ones) are, of … Continue reading Emma Djan

Rebekah Roberts

Created by Julia Dahl Frustrated by her work at the New York Tribune, arguably the city's sleaziest tabloid (Boy! That's sleazy!), ambitious rookie reporter REBEKAH ROBERTS is more than willing to stick her nose into places other people (including the police and occasionally, her editor) would rather she didn't. But she never thought things would … Continue reading Rebekah Roberts

Sid Halley

Created by Dick Francis (1920-2010) “I was never particularly keen on my job before the day I got shot and nearly lost it, along with my life. But the .38 slug of lead that made a pepper shaker out of my intestines left me with fire in my belly in more ways than one.” -- … Continue reading Sid Halley