Bill Truscott

Created by Griff Pseudonym of Ernest Lionel MacKeag (1896-1974) Known only as "Griff" to his many readers, this British writer was perhaps the biggest challenge to Hank Janson and Ben Sarto in the Mushroom Jungle. Too bad he didn't really exist. Turns out "Griff" was the house name used by Modern Fiction, a British publisher … Continue reading Bill Truscott

Colwyn Dane

Created by Rupert Hall Pseudonym of Edward Reginald Home-Gall Authors include Mark Grimshaw (house pseudonym; used by¬†Ernest McKeag, Harry Belfield) "Gosh, that was worth seeing, guv'nor!" exclaimed Slick Chester. Crikey! Cut from the same cloth as Sexton Blake but aimed at a younger audience,¬†COLWYN DANE was a private detective/adventurer, the kind of hero so beloved … Continue reading Colwyn Dane