Ken Franklin (International Detective)

(Possibly) created by Edward J. Mason or Guy Morgan The short-lived television show, International Detective (1959-60), followed the thrilling adventures of private detective KEN FRANKLIN, who was played by blandly handsome, future quiz show host Art Fleming (billed as “Arthur” Fleming). Whether it was planned this way or not, his character seemed to combine elements from … Continue reading Ken Franklin (International Detective)

Count Heinrich von Alternberg/Henry Altern

Created by Brian Clemens Now here's a name you don't hear everyday: COUNT HEINRICH von ALTERNBERG. No wonder he changed it. It seems Heinrich was the prodigal son, returned home to England to discover that the vast wealth and estate his German father had left him was toast, and that he was virtually penniless. A … Continue reading Count Heinrich von Alternberg/Henry Altern


Created by Richard Harris and Dennis Spooner Distraught woman: "Ah! You're a detective! A cheap, prying flat-footed peephole specialist!" McGill: "I'm not cheap." Imagine Richard Kimball of The Fugitive with a P.I. ticket. Or maybe Burn Notice (the first few seasons, anyway) set in the swinging sixties. Or maybe even Jack Reacher, but with luggage... McGILL (aka … Continue reading McGill