Big John Novak

Created by Harlan Ellison Pseudonyms include Jay Charby, Landon Ellis, Sley Harson, Ellis Hart, John Magnus & Jay Solo (1934-2018) "I'm built low enough to keyholes so I don't have to bend over when I'm checking on some dumb husband." A former circus performer (when he was "younger and dumber") who became a "two-bit eye," … Continue reading Big John Novak

Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat (T.H.E. Cat)

Created by Harry Julian Fink A former aerialist and trapeze artist for the circus, and "reformed" cat burglar, THOMAS HEWITT EDWARD CAT (T.H.E. Cat, get it?) found employment as a freelance bodyguard and investigator in San Francisco on the 1966 NBC TV show. He worked out of an "office" at the Casa del Gato nightclub, … Continue reading Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat (T.H.E. Cat)