Harry Lake

Created by Peter H. Fine Pseudonym of Robert R. Irvine Other pseudonyms include Peter Heath, Val Davis (1936 --) HARRY LAKE is an ex-Beverly Hill Cop, ex-POW and ex-husband slowly going broke trying to sell luxury boats in Troubled Waters, a 1981 PBO full of Carter-era mailaise. Surprisingly, given his name andf occupation, doesn't live … Continue reading Harry Lake

Tom Alder (Twenty Plus Two)

Created by Frank Gruber Pseudonyms include Stephen Acre, Charles K. Boston & John K. Vedder (1904-1969) Handsome, clean cut Los Angeles private investigator TOM ALDERĀ has a house in Brentwood, a couple of nice suits, a Purple Heart, and a knack for tracking down missing heirs, in Frank Gruber's 1961 novel, Twenty Plus Two. When the … Continue reading Tom Alder (Twenty Plus Two)