Harry Lake

Created by Peter H. Fine
Pseudonym of Robert R. Irvine
Other pseudonyms include Peter Heath, Val Davis
(1936 –)

HARRY LAKE is an ex-Beverly Hill Cop, ex-POW and ex-husband slowly going broke trying to sell luxury boats in Troubled Waters, a 1981 PBO full of Carter-era mailaise.

Surprisingly, given his name andf occupation, doesn’t live on a boat.  But he used to.

And here’s something sort of interesting. When I Googled Peter Heath Fine, to see if there were any more books featuring Harry, I found bibiliographies with the books Footsteps and Night Train.  I found cover scans of those books and saw that some of them were by Robert Ralsteru Irvine, author of Devil’s Breath, which lead me to Robert R. Irvine, who wrote the Moroni Traveler series, about a Salt Lake City P.I. who’s also a lapsed Mormon.


Respectfully submitted by Glen Davis.

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