Moroni Traveler, Jr.

Created by Robert R. Irvine Pseudonyms include Peter H. Fine, Peter Heath, Val Davis (1936 --) Although he's renounced the Mormon church, Salt Lake City private eye MORONI TRAVELER, Jr. (named after both his father and an angel) often finds himself working, quite literally, in its shadow--his office is just a Bible's toss across the … Continue reading Moroni Traveler, Jr.

Harry Lake

Created by Peter H. Fine Pseudonym of Robert R. Irvine Other pseudonyms include Peter Heath, Val Davis (1936 --) HARRY LAKE is an ex-Beverly Hill Cop, ex-POW and ex-husband slowly going broke trying to sell luxury boats in Troubled Waters, a 1981 PBO full of Carter-era mailaise. Surprisingly, given his name andf occupation, doesn't live … Continue reading Harry Lake