Princess King

Created by Martin Powell &¬†Fernando Cano Part of the Far Our Fairy Tales collection, a series of graphic novels for kids that spoof classic children's stories, Private Eye Princess and the Emerald Pea¬†(2019) riffs mightily on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Princess and the Pea." PRINCESS KING of the Royal Detective Agency is charged with finding … Continue reading Princess King

Max Hamm

Created by Frank Cammuso "..there's another side to this two-bit town. The one nobody talks about. The one where for every happy ending there's fifty miserable ones. In Storybookland, dreams die hard." -- Max gives us the lowdown on Storybookland in The Big Sheep His name's MAX HAMM, and he's a pig. No, really, As … Continue reading Max Hamm

Harry Pigg

Created by Bob Burke Perhaps it was bearing witness to the murder of his two brothers and being the one who brought their killer to justice that did it, but HARRY PIGG, the last of the Pigg family, definitely showed early on that he had what it takes to be the toughest dick in Grimmtown. … Continue reading Harry Pigg