Jaakko Piira

Created by Jorma Napola (1914-2000) Private eye novels have never been big in Finland. I don't really know why, but I have my suspicions: the private eye is a product of a culture that believes heavily in individualism and the right to take the law into one's hands if necessary. But Finland is pretty much … Continue reading Jaakko Piira

Onni Syrjänen

Created by Tapani Bagge (1962–) ONNI SYRJÄNEN, Finnish crimewriter Tapani Bagge's not very successful lawyer, is a sad sack drunk too poor to hire a detective. So he does his own gumshoeing. He lives and works in Kerava, a small railroad town near Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Onni's office is on the first floor … Continue reading Onni Syrjänen

Nordic Eyes

Swedish Dicks and Other Nordic Gumshoes I know, I know! I used to call this list "Scandanavian Eyes," but I've since been told again and again that Finland isn't REALLY part of Scandinavia (Thanks, Johanna! Thanks, Petri!), and that the proper term for that gaggle of north-bound nations that believe in health care, child care … Continue reading Nordic Eyes

Andrejev & Milton

Created by M.A. Numminen (1940--) and Markku Into (1945-2018) ANDREJEV & MILTON form the Finnish private detective agency in M.A. Numminen and Markku Into's Etsivätoimisto Andrejev & Milton (1991) a parodic and self-parodic short novel told in the form of correspondence between the two authors. At the time, Into was living in Stockholm and Mr. Numminen was … Continue reading Andrejev & Milton