Jack Lynch

Created by Steven Womack "I'm not a detective, I'm a sewage control officer." - Jack explains his profession. JACK LYNCH is a New Orleans public relations expert/troubleshooter/fixer who goes to great lengths to point out he's not a private eye. Still, when it looks like a fish, and it smells like a fish... Poor Jack. … Continue reading Jack Lynch

Dan Hammer (Riffraff)

Created by Martin Rackin 1947 saw the introduction of two private eyes named Hammer. This is the other one. DAN HAMMER made his debut in Riffraff, a little slice of B-filmery that still manages to hit the spot, and displaying some surprisingly stylish pizazz while doing it. Like it didn't know it was supposed to be … Continue reading Dan Hammer (Riffraff)

Ned Beaumont (The Glass Key)

Created by Dashiell Hammett (1894-1961) "I can stand anything I've got to stand." -- Ned Beaumont   Unlike Dashiell Hammett's other novel-length protagonists, Sam Spade, The Continental Op and Nick Charles, NED BEAUMONT is not a private eye--not even a retired one. He's a political hanger-on and fixer, a cigar-smoking, hard-drinking gambler with a weakness … Continue reading Ned Beaumont (The Glass Key)

Calper Dennings

Created by Tom Pitts Gary and Linda Carson are a young San Francisco couple, still reeling from a recent miscarriage, in Tom Pitts' 2020 hard-charging standalone, Cold Water. They've recently relocated to a new home in a posh suburb of Sacramento, hoping to start anew.... Gary and Linda are portrayed as such a nice couple, … Continue reading Calper Dennings

Repairman Jack

Created by F. Paul Wilson "You know, sometimes I wish there was someone else around to handle these jobs." Got a problem? He can fix it. First introduced in the 1984 novel The Tomb, horror writer F. Paul Wilson's REPAIRMAN JACK is simply one hell of an an intriguing, compelling character. He's not a private eye, … Continue reading Repairman Jack

Eddie Mannix (Hail, Caesar!)

Created by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen "EDDIE MANNIX" was a real-life character, a legendary (and allegedly mob-connected) Hollywood bouncer and fixer who rose through the ranks to become a studio executive at MGM in the fifties. You may recall his appearance in the 2006 film Hollywoodland, director Allen Coulter and writer Paul Bernbaum's ambitious … Continue reading Eddie Mannix (Hail, Caesar!)

Joe “The Bouncer” Brody

Created by David Gordon An eye is an eye is an eye. Except when he isn't. JOE "THE BOUNCER" BRODY is not a private eye--he's, well, a bouncer. But that doesn't stop him from getting into all the same sorts of ituations that a private--particularly a trouble-bound shit magnet private eye--does. Joe used to be … Continue reading Joe “The Bouncer” Brody

Ray (Stingray)

Created by Stephen J. Cannell (1941-2010) "Someday I'll return, and I'll ask you to perform a favor, and you must do it" -- Ray's terms-of-service RAY (or whatever his name was), as played by Nick Mancuso in television's short-lived Stingray (1985, NBC) was an enigmatic ex-Intelligence officer who helped people with their problems, and valued … Continue reading Ray (Stingray)

Joe DeMarco

Created by Mike Lawson Just in case the current administration doesn't make you feel queasy enough about Washington politicians, there's always JOE DeMARCO. He's a D.C. troubleshooter, a sort of "congressional fix-it man," who (mostly) works for House Majority Leader John Mahoney, in a series of well-regarded, politically-charged novels by Mike Lawson. The author is a … Continue reading Joe DeMarco

Ray Donovan

Created by Ann Biderman "Oh, I know who you are. You're a bagman for movie stars. You're also an extortionist, you're a wiretapper -- basically, you're an all-round piece of shit." -- the LA director of the FBI has Ray's number Ever since American television grew up and started airing crime dramas like The Sopranos, … Continue reading Ray Donovan