Nick Knatterton (aka “Nikolaus Kuno Freiherr von Knatter”)

Created by Manfred Schmidt (1913–1999) Much loved West German private eye NIKOLAUS KUNO FREIHERR von KNATTER has possibly the longest monicker in gumshoe history. No wonder most folks, including his his well-off, hoity-toity parents, prefer to refer to him simply as NICK KNATTERTON. Anyway, whatever you call him, his loopy, tongue-in-cheek comic strip escapades, as chronicled … Continue reading Nick Knatterton (aka “Nikolaus Kuno Freiherr von Knatter”)

Lynn Lash

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) Lester Dent was best known, of course, for Doc Savage, but the first of his gadget-obsessed sleuths was LYNN LASH. Although he (sorry, ladies -- this Lynn's a dude) only appeared in two published stories, Lynn serving as an important stepping stone towards the creation of a certain Man of … Continue reading Lynn Lash

Foster Fade “The Crime Spectacularist”

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) Yet another of Doc Savage creator Lester Dent's "gadget detectives," FOSTER FADE aka "The Crime Spectacularist," appeared in the thirties in All Detective Magazine. Unlike the Man of Bronze or Lynn Lash, Dent's first gadget detective, Foster works for a living. He may call himself the "Crime Spectacularist," but he's basically a private … Continue reading Foster Fade “The Crime Spectacularist”