Benoit Blanc (Knives Out)

Created by Rian Johnson "When people get desperate, the knives come out." Screenwriter and director Rian Johnson has already seriously mucked around with the mystery genre back in his feature film debut Brick, which transported the classic hard-boiled/film noir detective flicks of the forties┬áto a contemporary high school in the endless sun-bleached suburban sprawl of … Continue reading Benoit Blanc (Knives Out)

Charles Lenox

Created by Charles Finch London in the 1870s. Gas lights. Hansom cabs. Gentlemen's clubs. Fog. And murder. When the going gets tough, who ya gonna call? Evidently CHARLES LENOX, a Victorian sleuth, a graduate of Oxford, the son of a baronet and a very rich gentleman indeed; a former explorer and Member of Parliament, and--much … Continue reading Charles Lenox