Mystery Links: Collecting, Games & Other Diversions

Web Games, Mystery Parties, Stamps, Books, etc. GAMES ON THE WEB Detective riddles app With its mysterious atmosphere of criminal secrets, this android based game app is for those who want to dive into an exciting detective world! This game offers 120 unique riddles and 6 locations. More than 9 hours of gameplay. Mystery Game … Continue reading Mystery Links: Collecting, Games & Other Diversions

The Game’s A-foot!

Puzzles, Books and Other P.I. Games Oh, the games people play now, every night and everyday, now...      Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so here's a short list of puzzling diversions for those of you who like to play. Lawrence Treat's Detectograms Mystery author Lawrence Treat did … Continue reading The Game’s A-foot!